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 NOTE - Bluesky Shellac Gel Nail Polish must be cured using a UV lamp or LED lamp (LED usually takes half the time to cure). It will not apply or last properly without this. It should also always be used with a base and top coat for full effect.


  1. File nails into desired shape and gently push back cuticle. Ensure there are no rough edges to your nails.
  2. Clean nails well, then apply Base Gel, coating the tip of the nail also, and cure for 2 mins with a UV Lamp according to the manufacturers instructions (approx 1 minute using an LED lamp). Each layer leaves a sticky residue; do not remove until the final step.
  3. Apply 1st layer of colour (coating tip also) and cure with lamp.
  4. Apply 2nd Layer of colour (coating tip also) and cure with lamp.
  5. Apply Top Coat (coating tip also) and cure with lamp.
  6. Wipe each nail with alcohol or Bluesky nail wipes to remove sticky film.
  7. Enjoy amazing nails for 14 days!


Simply wet some cotton wool with acetone, and place it over the nail. Wrap the top of your finger in tin foil to keep the cotton wool in contact with your nail for around 10 minutes - too short and the gel will not lift, too long and it will restick to the nail! It should easily peel away, and you can remove any excess with a wooden cuticle stick.