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UK & USA's No.1 Official Authorised Supplier Of Genuine Bluesky Gel Nail Polish

NOTE: Please select correct region at top left of page as stock varies bewteen countries. USA site customers, please be patient as we expand the ranges to match the UK site, only select polishes showing as avaiable directly in USA site as delivery is not possible from UK.
The Bluesky Nail Polish brand are a hard wearing, full range of gel colour nail polishes which include various textures, glitters, colour changing and classical ranges.

Bluesky gel nail polishes have become highly popular in the last few years as they can last up to 14 days without chipping or fading when applied properly.

The Bluesky Gel Polish ranges need to be applied using a 35v UV nail polish lamp or LED equivilent to cure the nail polish gel and get the full effect. For optimum results it is recommended to use the Bluesky Nails base coat, and also the Bluesky Nails top coat alongside the Bluesky gel polish shellac style colour you choose.

This ensures your nails get the perfect finish and hardwearing use that Bluesky Gel Colour Nail Polishes are famous for!
Bluesky gel nail polish is manufactured under strict conditions and all colours are European and British safety standards approved, full MSDS available on request. Bluesky Nail gel does not contain formeldahyde, and Bluesky products are not tested on animals.
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